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Annual Balance Sheet

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Period Ended10/01/1610/03/1509/27/1409/28/1309/29/12
In millions of USD
(except for per share items)
Cash & Equivalents257.57177.77346.59341.87297.62
Cash and Short Term Investments432.96357.11346.59341.87297.62
Accounts Receivable - Trade, Gross419.26385.56325.26306.36324.22
Provision for Doubtful Accounts-2.37-.88-1.19-1.01-1.01
Accounts Receivable - Trade, Net416.89384.68324.07305.35323.21
Total Receivables, Net416.89384.68324.07305.35323.21
Inventories - Finished Goods80.4177.2677.8057.5872.85
Inventories - Work In Progress69.4284.4776.5357.8847.18
Inventories - Raw Materials414.30407.64371.64288.56337.66
Total Inventory564.13569.37525.97404.02457.69
Prepaid Expenses19.1822.8825.2523.8715.79
Deferred Income Tax - Current Asset----6.453.925.50
Other Current Assets.18.002.51----
Other Current Assets, Total.18.008.963.925.50
Total Current Assets1,433.351,334.041,230.841,079.021,099.81
Land / Improvements - Gross247.81278.64283.57212.20170.56
Machinery / Equipment - Gross443.62437.02427.76404.51380.98
Construction in Progress - Gross4.309.189.6967.5239.89
Property / Plant / Equipment, Total - Gross695.72724.83721.02684.22591.43
Accumulated Depreciation, Total-404.50-407.48-386.10-359.16-326.24
Property / Plant / Equipment, Total - Net291.23317.35334.93325.06265.19
Defered Income Tax - Long Term Asset4.834.663.682.514.34
Other Long Term Assets36.4135.7139.5941.0942.14
Other Long Term Assets, Total41.2540.3743.2643.6046.47
Total Assets1,765.821,691.761,609.031,447.681,411.47
Accounts Payable397.20400.71396.36313.40341.28
Accrued Expenses89.4783.8189.7885.1092.00
Notes Payable / Short Term Debt.
Current Portion of Long Term Debt / Capital Leases78.513.514.373.5710.21
Security Deposits84.6481.3656.1669.3036.38
Deferred Income Tax - Current Liability----.65----
Other Current Liabilities.629.91.00----
Other Current Liabilities, Total85.2691.2656.8069.3036.38
Total Current Liabilities650.44579.30547.32471.38479.87
Long Term Debt184.00258.29262.05257.77260.21
Total Long Term Debt184.00258.29262.05257.77260.21
Total Debt262.51261.81266.41261.35270.42
Deferred Income Tax – Long Term Liability----
Deferred Income Tax----
Other Long Term Liabilities14.5811.9013.3417.1119.10
Other Liabilities, Total14.5811.9013.3417.1119.10
Total Liabilities849.02849.49827.89748.38762.45
Convertible Preferred Stock - Non Rdmbl.00.00--.00.00
Preferred Stock - Non Redeemable, Net.00.00--.00.00
Common Stock.
Common Stock, Total.
Additional Paid-In Capital530.65497.49475.63449.37435.55
Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit)937.14860.72766.39679.17596.91
Treasury Stock - Common-539.97-509.97-479.97-449.97-400.11
Translation Adjustment-11.64-8.8716.2319.4512.69
Other Comprehensive Income.102.402.35.793.49
Other Equity, Total-11.54-6.4718.5820.2416.18
Total Equity916.80842.27781.13699.30649.02
Total Liabilities & Shareholders' Equity1,765.821,691.761,609.031,447.681,411.47
Shares Outstanding - Common Stock Primary Issue33.4633.5033.6533.6035.10
Total Common Shares Outstanding33.4633.5033.6533.6035.10
Treasury Shares - Common Stock Primary Issue17.8217.0516.3115.5813.75
Number of Common Shareholders478.00498.00515.00561.00600.00
Total Current Assets less Inventory869.22764.67704.87675.00642.11
Quick Ratio1.341.321.291.431.34
Current Ratio2.202.302.252.292.29
Net Debt-170.46-95.30-80.18-80.52-27.20
Tangible Book Value916.80842.27781.13699.30649.02
Tangible Book Value per Share27.4025.1423.2120.8118.49
Total Long Term Debt, Supplemental250.00--250.00250.00--
Long Term Debt Maturing within 1 Year75.00--.00.00--
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 2175.00--.00.00--
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 3.00--.00.00--
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 4.00--175.0075.00--
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 5.00--75.00175.00--
Long Term Debt Maturing in 2-3 Years175.00--.00.00--
Long Term Debt Maturing in 4-5 Years.00--250.00250.00--
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 6 & Beyond.00--.00.00--
Interest Costs-----.78-1.68--
Total Capital Leases, Supplemental5.24--8.4111.35--
Capital Lease Payments Due in Year 13.51--4.934.55--
Capital Lease Payments Due in Year 2.93--3.464.60--
Capital Lease Payments Due in Year 3.48--.803.20--
Capital Lease Payments Due in Year 4.18--.00.69--
Capital Lease Payments Due in Year 5.14--.00.00--
Capital Lease Payments Due in 2-3 Years1.41--4.267.79--
Capital Lease Payments Due in 4-5 Years.33--.00.69--
Capital Lease Payments Due in Year 6 & Beyond.00--.00.00--
Total Operating Leases, Supplemental29.27--18.8345.97--
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 18.50--7.6212.69--
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 26.63--5.038.55--
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 35.46--2.276.02--
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 45.13--1.403.66--
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 52.80--1.002.94--
Operating Lease Payments Due in 2-3 Years12.09--7.3014.57--
Operating Lease Payments Due in 4-5 Years7.93--2.416.61--
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 6 & Beyond.75--1.5112.11--
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